Pyrite White BOTZ PRO 9313


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 Art. 9313 PYRITE WHITE BOTZ enamel

(First Photo Temp. 1150°C-Second Photo Temp. 1050°C-Third Photo Temp. 1250°C)

- Enamel with beautiful semi-transparent noble white surface with fine brown spots

- Wide firing range 1020°-1280°C. At 1050°C: beautiful natural white and almost opaque / apply 2-3 times. At 1150°C: finely speckled with rather semi-transparent surface / apply 2 times. At 1250°C: glassy, semi-transparent surface with delicate, slightly more pronounced dots / apply twice tends to run if applied thickly from 1150°C.

- Recommended for dishes

- Glossy

- Semi-transparent

- Temperature 1020°C - 1280°C

Packaging 200 ml - 800 ml

N.B. The price refers to the 200 ml pack

WARNING! The colour trims are purely indicative, they come from catalogues and do not faithfully reproduce the same colours.

BOTZ PRO fired at 1050°C
In the earthenware range from 1020°C, the eight new colours of BOTZ PRO become wonderfully colourful and almost opaque.
Recommendation: apply 2-3 layers.
BOTZ PRO fired at 1150°C
Some early sintering clay needs to be fired at around 1150°C. The BOTZ PRO colour choice keeps the colour intensity in this range, though develops a semi-transparent surface quality.
Recommendation: apply 2 layers.
BOTZ PRO fired at 1250°C
In high-fire range clay body the colours connect perfectly with the clay and show a great glossy, semi-transparent surface quality with intensive pastel shades.
Works greatly also with porcelain at 1250°C.
Recommendation: apply 2 layers.
Attention: tends to run when applied too thick.
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